Attracting People and Feeling Good

People differ but all men and women in the world need to be loved and to experience romantic moments and events. If you want to attract the definite person or just to be attractive for opposite sex, here are some pieces of advice for you that you may already know or that may be useful for you.
To be attractive doesn't mean just to be beautiful. There are much more details that make the whole picture and it's important to become better not only in your outlook but inside as well.
It's always pleasant to make new acquaintance when you go out in public. You may go just for a walk in the local park, to get some tea in your favorite cafe or go to the movie- and in all these occasions you need to look really good. It's important to choose the wardrobe matching various place and event. Buy not only beautiful and stylish but comfortable clothes. You should be appropriately dressed ad don't forget to dress up! Consider sterling silver dangle earrings and a nice bracelet with the blouse and jeans for the disco club or just for any going out for shopping or for a walk; elegant round CZ studs and CZ pendant necklace with a dress for the dinner in the restaurant or sparkling gemstone jewelry set for special occasion. Remember- you look good when you feel good.
Be self-actualized person- try to know a little bit of most topics. People love interesting and culturally aware talkers. And if you are really interested in something, you may become expert in that field and it will be great. And remember to have your own opinion. Nobody loved the persons who always just agree. If you really agree, you can add something to the topic.
It's also really important to have one's style in clothes and your own lifestyle. Unusual and small habits may attract people as everything new and unknown.
If you have already met the person you want to be with, flirt physically and make the eye contact. When he talks, look him into the eyes. Admire his windows of the soul but don't stare too long. It's proved that 4.5 seconds are enough.
If you are at the date in cafe or restaurant or other place where you are supposed to eat, eat! It doesn't mean you should feel like at home and eat too much, but to eat something is a norm.
Try to be trimmed and clean. You don't know what exactly could happen and when exactly it will happen to you.
If you are asker about your interests and you actually have no at the moment, don't say it. Remember your previous hobbies and say what you would like to do in future.
And be yourself. It may be you with small changes to be more attractive for the certain person, but it should be you!