Belly Button Piercing

Among variety of body piercing types belly button piercing is one of the most popular among girls and women of all ages. Hip-hugging pants and crop tops helped the popularization of belly button jewelry and these days it is getting new level of exposure all over the world. People have always been looking for new ways to decorate themselves and recent TV commercial and numerous magazines sing belly button piercing. Celebrities are showing their pretty bellies with piercing and thousands of girls and women fallow their example getting their navels pierced.
We have strong desire to play with bellies. Remember the childhood or the childhood of your baby if you have any. Doesn't a baby gurgle and giggle when the belly is tickled? When we get older, this obsession with bellies increases becoming erotic and sexy. Bely button piercing has reached the level of fetish for some people- look at the websites displaying photos of bellies with innies and outies and belly button piercings of celebrities. Such popularity means that people enjoy looking on sexy and attractive pierced navels.
There is the hugest choice of belly button rings and barbells nowadays than ever before though navel piercing isn't a new thing. But designers strive for better, more beautiful and unique adornments for navel.
There are various types of navels and types of belly button piercing. You'd better consult the piercer before you decide which type you want to have because the form of your navel may influence the choice. Reversed belly button rings are, for example, not for every woman.
It's said (I call it a piercing myth) that outie navel piercing is extremely dangerous. It's not true because an experienced piercer using sterile piercing needle and all necessary equipment and tools will perform healthy and successful piercing of any part of the body and if you will follow all aftercare recommendations, there may not be troubles with it at all.
If you worry too much and want to decorate your belly but are afraid of piercing, belly clips are for you. They are designed to look and feel of real piercing, but you can easily remove and apply them any time you want. But they are more likely to be lost and if try piercer lovers will see you are wearing fake belly ring, it may seem strange and not attractive to them. But it's up for you to decide, of course.
Millions of women all over the world have their bellies pierced and enjoy it greatly. And they haven't experienced any problems except discomfort during healing period. And numerous local and online piercing jewelry stores make possible to choose the belly ring perfectly matching your desires, your wardrobe, your personality and your style.