Belly Tattoos and Belly Button Piercing

Women all over the world want to be attractive and beautiful. We want to look great and to notice that people look at us admiringly. There are different ways to achieve these goals and body art is one of them. Piercing and tattooing have become extremely popular nowadays. They are not only the ways of beautifying but also the opportunity to express oneself. You may choose only one type of body modification- tattoo or piercing, as well as create unique and eye-catching combination of both. I'd like to talk about belly piercing and belly tattooing.

There are multiple tattoo designs and the hugest choice of belly button jewelry nowadays. It's not too difficult to create one single design of these arts. And of course, you may enjoy belly ring and small belly tattoo which have no connection except the placement.

Women like flowers. We receive them from our loved ones, from our friends and relatives for birthdays and other celebrations. Flowers are associated with pleasant and happy moments of our life and floral tattoo designs are amazing. It may be abstract flower tattoo on the belly and cute flower belly ring will perfectly match it. Or you may let a gorgeous butterfly navel ring lend on your belly where nice flowers "grow".

A heart belly tattoo and lock and key belly button ring will symbolize that your heart is closed and the man should find the key to it.

Imagine moon tattoo and star belly ring on your navel. It will look classy and will remind of lifetime. Sun tattoo and star ring will also look great.
Spider is the symbol of mystery, growth and power. Spider belly ring and matching spider web tattoo design is interesting idea.

Belly piercing is also unique way of solving the problem of tattoo choice. Let's take for example the situation when you want to show your loved one how much you care for him and all the strength of your feelings but the decision of permanent tattoo with his name, image or initials is too serious. Tattoo will stay and the love may go, we all know that yet hope for the best. Get heart tattoo on your belly and choose initial belly ring that will fall in the middle of the heart tattoo. It will have the same symbolism you want to and no risk at all.

The tattoo and piercing combination ideas are innumerable and you may create your own design. The choice of belly jewelry allows that. And remember that healthy and good-looking piercing and tattoo requires special attitude to the procedure and aftercare. Make sure you go to trusted tattoo and piercing salon and your technician is professional. All tattoo equipment should be high quality and sterile, tattoo needles and tubes, ink cups and other tools should be sterile and disposable. There are risks of infection if you won't make sure everything is all right. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't forget to take recommendations on aftercare. Make your body look amazingly and meaningful.