Body Piercing

Body piercing may seem a relatively new trend for some people but the truth is that most types of body piercing have been for centuries. African tribes have been practiced piercing as the sign of religious beliefs and a part of rituals. People of ancient Egypt pierced the body to symbolize the family status and wealth. In modern world piercing is a kind of artistic expression and rebellion as well as fashion statement supposed to make the person more attractive and show his personality and individual style. And people find new and new areas to pierce to be unordinary.
Earlobe piercing is already considered a common beauty fact for men and women, children and old people. And other types of ear piercing including large gauge earlobe piercing, helix or orbital piercing, rook or industrial piercing are popular but mainly among different music cultures.

Belly button piercing is the second popular body piercing type and as a rule belly button jewelry is available in the most expensive designs as well as in simple and cheap designs. 14K gold belly button jewelry is extremely popular and looks amazingly attractive. Belly rings come in funny and classical designs- gemstone belly rings are as popular as, for example, glow in the dark belly button rings. Pretty belly will look eye-catching and stylish with a beautiful ring in it.

Tongue piercing was extremely popular several years ago and though nowadays it's still widespread among the youth, it's considered not as attractive and interesting as other types of body piercing. Tongue piercing jewelry comes in variety of designs and materials and vibrating tongue barbells are really popular.
Nipple piercing is popular with men and women and there can be several piercings in one and the same nipple as well as both nipples may be once pierced. Nipple piercing shields and rings of extreme and elegant designs may rise various feelings but if you like unordinary and crazy things, you'll enjoy it.
Face piercing includes eyebrow, nose and lip piercing. Eyebrow piercing looks more attractive with small jewelry as well as nose piercing. Nostril piercing jewelry adds sexuality to the outlook and being elegant they look nice. While septum piercing and bridge piercing have more aggressive style. Lip piercing also has its variations and can look elegant or quite on the contrary.
It doesn't matter what type of body piercing you have when speaking about aftercare. Every person with fresh and already healed piercing should take care of it. All instructions of piercer and may be physician should be followed. And the main always include the following.
You should keep the hands clean before to touch the piercing and keep the piercing clean as well. You should clean it daily with special solution or antibacterial soap avoiding the products based on alcohol. You should also avoid the clothes that may rub the piercing area. If the piercing looks unusual, red or becomes swollen, see your doctor or piercer as soon as possible.
And remember that high quality and stylish body piercing jewelry should reflect your personality and fit your lifestyle, be comfortable and attractive. Express yourself with a piercing and enjoy it!