Body Piercing and Tattooing- History Facts Ideas

Tattooing and body piercing are body modification forms which are extremely popular nowadays. During tattoo procedure colored pigments are inserted underneath the skin and beautiful design is created. Inserting the jewelry underneath the skin is body piercing and the pierced area gets unique and attractive outlook after the healing process is over. Both forms of body modification have long history which roots go back into primitive and tribal cultures.

Tattooing was identification and a rite of passage for women and men in pacific island cultures. The process was much longer and brought more pain in comparison to the modern tattooing. Inks were made of carbon and ash and instead of tattoo needles a bone needle was used which was tapped into place on the skin with a mallet. Many African and Celtic tattoo designs are popular these days.

Piercing was widespread among multiple ancient cultures and in some countries and tribes it was done in the early childhood and was never removed. In middle Eastern and Indian cultures nose piercing was the mark of passage to adult life. Septum and cheek piercing with quills and spikes can be seen on portrays of people of Pacific Islands. Large gauge piercing also takes roots from cultures of Pacific Islands.

The basic principles of tattooing and piercing remain almost the same though the hygienic practice and purpose of modern body art has changed. Nowadays they are mainly the ways of self-expression and beautifying.

Nowadays tattoo artist are supplied with high speed powered tattoo guns, different types of tattoo needles, tattoo inks containing non-reactive and safer materials. The process is quicker and the chances of allergic reaction are extremely low.

Modern piercing is performed by professional piercers with sterile in autoclave equipment and the piercing jewelry is versatile matching different parts of the body and the piercing gauge size.

Some people prefer getting tattooed while others pierce their bodies. The stats shows that about 20% of people with tattoo have at least one body piercing and vice versa. People who like body art and see all its beauty and possibilities perfectly combine tattoo designs and piercing. One friend of mine has a cute floral design tattooed on her belly and elegant butterfly belly ring. It looks great, symbolic and unique. It may be tribal tattoo on the side of your neck and ear tusk or other ear piercing jewelry of tribal design.

There are no limits to your imagination and it will be easier to create unique design idea of tattoo and piercing combination consulting tattoo artist. And don't forget that special care should be taken referring to sterilization of tattoo equipment and piercing tools as well as to aftercare. Don't be afraid to ask questions and make sure everything is all right with the used tools, jewelry and ink. Be prepared and read more information on tattoo and piercing procedures.

Be innovative, creative and unique and make your body more attractive with the help of piercing jewelry and tattoos which also can be deeply meaningful. Good luck!