Body Piercing FAQ and Answers

Body piercing is fashionable trend nowadays. Many teens, young people and adults express their individuality, show their personality and beautify themselves by body piercing. If you want to pierce or already have one or several piercings, you may have some questions that shouldn't be answered. Here you'll find some frequently asked questions about body piercing and the answers to them.

  1. How long does piercing heal?- It depends on the part of body that is pierced because each area of our body has its own unique healing process and period. And individual body characteristics also influence the way the body will react to the piercing. Facial piercings tend to heal faster, for example. Here is an approximate healing time for different piercing types: 2-4 weeks- tongue piercing; 6-8 weeks- earlobe, eyebrow, labret, lip and septum piercing; 2-3 months- cheek piercing; 2-6 months- nipple piercing; 4-6 months- genital piercing; 2 months- 1 year- cartilage and nostril piercings; 6 months- over 1 year- navel piercing.
  2. What should I do if the piercer isn't wearing gloves, a piercing shop isn't clean as it seems or I don't get respond on my questions?- Just go away! If a shop sucks and seems unprofessional, you have no reasons to stay there and risk your health. There are multiple piercer shops in the US that perform healthy piercing where everything is sterile (sterile gloves the piercer changes each time for new customer, sterile piercing needles, sterile equipment), quality and a piercer is professional and friendly. Before you decide where to get pierced, do some research- check info in the Pierced Community, ask friends and other people with healthy and beautiful piercing about the places they know to be trusted.
  3. How long should I wait before I can change the starter jewelry?- It depends on your individual characteristics of the body and reaction to the piercing. You should definitely wait until your piercing is fully healed. If you can play with it and experience no discomfort at all, its time for you to change the starter jewelry is you want. But do it gently.
  4. Why titanium, gold and surgical stainless steel jewelry is best as starter jewelry?- These materials prevent adverse reactions to new objects in the body. And you'd better wait until your piercing is completely healed wearing starter jewelry from the mentioned materials before you will choose jewelry from another metals or plastics, for example.
  5. What should I do if my piercing looks not the way it should?- Commonly it's adverse reaction to the jewelry or infection. If you feel there is something really wrong with your piercing, you'd better contact or visit your piercer or your physician.
  6. Should I use alcohol to clean my piercing?- No, you shouldn't use any type of alcohol! It will irritate and complicate the process of healing. Use special cleaning and healing solutions for piercing.
  7. How long should I wait before I can start stretching my piercing?- After your piercing is completely healed, you have to wait at least 3 months more before the first attempt of stretching. You should listen to your body and it will tell you if it's ready. And of course, consult your piercer.

Be careful with your piercing and with the choice of the piercing establishment if you just going to get pierced and shop for best quality body piercing jewelry with pleasure!