Body Piercing Jewelry Trends

Fashion is changing but there are some trends that stay on the top of popularity not for a season or a year, but much longer. And fashion on body piercing jewelry is such a statement. People have been decorated the body for thousand of years and piercing has also been a part of many cultures since ancient times. They wear jewelry in piercing to ward off evil spirits, to denote the rank, to emphasize masculinity and for the sake of beauty. Large gauge piercing was widespread in most African tribes while nostril piercing was supposed to make the childbirth easier in India.
Ear jewelry has always been the most popular types of body jewelry. However, the royal courts and aristocracy started fashion on unusual and extravagant types of piercing as well. Let's take as example the Prince Albert piercing. Ear piercing has many types and earlobe small gauge piercing has become classical and is done even for little girls.
By the end of 20th century most teens and celebrities want to have several or multiple body piercing and the choice of piercing jewelry is striking. Punks were those who started fashion on multiple piercings and the Sex Pistols brought into fashion eyebrow, nostril and ear piercing as well as pants, shoes and jackets pierced with pins. Nowadays there are more and more gold piercing jewelry, jewelry accented with diamonds and gemstones. It is safe and hygienic and looks more elegant. Gold piercing jewelry is the most popular for belly button piercing and nose piercing. Extravagant and classical designs are to your disposal in local and online piercing jewelry stores. Gold jewelry is eye-catching and if you want to look gorgeous and amazingly attractive, gold is your choice. White gold piercing jewelry is rarer though quite popular. Gold jewelry with beautiful gem looks chic and can be worn even with classical outlooks if suitable to occasion.
Of course, there are other materials popular among teens- steel, titanium, acrylics and organic materials. They are cheaper but their quality is also high. Titanium jewelry is lightweight and acrylic is available in glow-in-the-dark variations and all imaginable colors. Organic piercing jewelry such as made from wood, horn, bone, coconut, mother of pearl and others aren't recommended for long-time wear and especially for new and unhealed piercing. Fresh piercing is usually inserted with surgical stainless steel, titanium or gold jewelry. It's important to make sure that piercing jewelry you wear is sterile and the piercing procedure must be sterile in all its details. The piercer should change the gloves and the new should be sterile, use sterile piercing needles of proper gauge size and in the whole the piercing salon should remind the hospital by the equipment and smell.
Choose trusted piercing salon and high quality jewelry to enjoy the beauty of your body and your piercing!