Body Piercings

What is a Dimple Piercing

What is a dimple piercing? It is the type of face piercing which is normally done in the center of the cheek. The place where most dimples appear is pierced. So, dimple piercing is also called cheek piercing. It can be done in the area where the dimple would be if a person had it or directly on existing dimple. With dimple piercing people with no dimples can make them appear. A dimple piercing can leave more noticeable and larger scars than the scars of other piercings and it might not completely disappear with time.

Some Facts about Daith Piercing

There are various types of ear piercing and here you can find some facts about the piercing of the ear cartilage close to the ear canal. It is daith piercing. It can also appear hidden in the ear when well-places, so you will see only some part of the jewelry sticking out. Such cartilage piercing must be places by professional piercer with experience in daith piercing and requires special care to avoid infection.
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Emo Fashion

What is emo? It is a musical style which combines indie rock and pop punk. It originated in the 1980s in Washington, D.C. Short for "emotional hardcore" emo also describes a particular fashion style popular with teens from emo subculture. Emo fashion differs from typical fashion of teens and it usually includes hoodies, sneakers, T-shirts, skinny jeans and punk accessories. Other things which make the difference between emo and other subcultures are specific makeup styles and hair-do.

Externally and Internally Threaded Piercing Jewelry

We all need love and support. And we all understand that people who look well-tended and sexy are more successful in life. People want to look attractive and try to achieve this goal by various ways. We design fashionable clothes and create new accessories, wear necklaces, bracelet and toe rings and do make-ups.

Medusa Piercing

People have always been searching for the ways of body decoration and have invented multiple things to look more attractive. Body piercings jewelry is the way to draw attention to certain parts of the body and to have an opportunity to look great and new wearing different jewelry. There are so many types of piercing that it's sometimes difficult to decide what exactly to choose. The choice depends on what the person wants from piercing. If she/he wants just to draw the eyes to favorite part of the body

Tongue Piercing Advantages

Body piercing is ancient type of body decoration and historical facts and evidences prove that the rich and the royalties of the world were privileged to pierce the body in ancient times. After the hippies brought the fashion of nose piercing and the model Christy Turlington shoed her pieced belly at the fashion show and other celebrities fallowed her example, piercing of the body is the hit again.

Snake Bites Piercing

Body piercing is popular nowadays not only because of multiple web-sites dedicated to it and magazines with photos of pierced celebrities. Piercing of the body exists since ancient times and people have done it for various purposes- religious and social, physical and emotional and, of course, for the sake of beauty. Classical jewelry, stylish clothes and accessories are not always enough to express one's individuality and people have always been searching for new ways of decoration and drawing the attention to the body.

Ear Piercing and Jewelry

Most of people have body piercing. Somebody may disagree. What will they tell then about the fact that majority of girls and women and some men have ear piercing. Earlobe piercing that has become an integral part of fashion is fully accepted by society and is considered beautiful and attractive.

Eyebrow Piercing and Jewelry

We know that nowadays people have experienced multiple types of body piercing and some of them are more popular with women (belly button piercing), some with teens (tongue piercing) and some are widespread among both male and female popularity of different ages (ear piercing). The most versatile adornment for face is eyebrow piercing jewelry. Eyebrow piercing is so popular with teens, rock-stars and other celebrities because it has multiple advantages over other piercing types.

Body Piercing- Great Way of Beautifiying

Are you thinking about changing something in your style? Do you want to look more attractive? Do you have a desire to surprise your friends? There are different ways of body decoration and I'm sure classical body jewelry is already common way for you. Think about body piercing! It has been practiced since ancient times by both sexes throughout the world and these days people steel pierce their bodies to look eye-catching and sexy. Body piercing jewelry is available nowadays.

Types of Facial Piercing

Body piercing is a long-long tradition though there were less types of body piercing in ancient times. Facial piercings at that time were most lip and nose piercings. Nowadays people have experimented with new piercing techniques and new facial piercings came into existence. Of course, there are still more common and accepted in this or tat way in society facial piercing types as well as unusual and very rare piercings of face that look really wild and tribal in some way.

Body Piercing FAQ and Answers

Body piercing is fashionable trend nowadays. Many teens, young people and adults express their individuality, show their personality and beautify themselves by body piercing. If you want to pierce or already have one or several piercings, you may have some questions that shouldn't be answered. Here you'll find some frequently asked questions about body piercing and the answers to them. How long does piercing heal?- It depends on the part of body that is pierced

Belly Button Piercing

Among variety of body piercing types belly button piercing is one of the most popular among girls and women of all ages. Hip-hugging pants and crop tops helped the popularization of belly button jewelry and these days it is getting new level of exposure all over the world. People have always been looking for new ways to decorate themselves and recent TV commercial and numerous magazines sing belly button piercing.

Body Piercing Jewelry Trends

Fashion is changing but there are some trends that stay on the top of popularity not for a season or a year, but much longer. And fashion on body piercing jewelry is such a statement. People have been decorated the body for thousand of years and piercing has also been a part of many cultures since ancient times. They wear jewelry in piercing to ward off evil spirits, to denote the rank, to emphasize masculinity and for the sake of beauty.

Body Piercing

Body piercing may seem a relatively new trend for some people but the truth is that most types of body piercing have been for centuries. African tribes have been practiced piercing as the sign of religious beliefs and a part of rituals. People of ancient Egypt pierced the body to symbolize the family status and wealth. In modern world piercing is a kind of artistic expression and rebellion as well as fashion statement supposed to make the person more attractive and show his personality and individual style. And people find new and new areas to pierce to be unordinary.

Nipple and Genital Piercings

There is such a wide choice of body piercing jewelry and so many types of body piercing nowadays and most people have at least ear piercing. Some piercings are more common and can affect the outlook while others are hidden from the eyes of people and are more for aesthetic and physical pleasure of the person. Nipple piercing and all types of genital piercings are only for you and your partner (if only you don't work in a strip show).
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Body Piercing Stretching with a Taper

There are various ways to stretch the piercing and if you are going to do it, you'd better consult your piercer or other professional on this question. First of all the process of stretching depends on the part of the body to stretch and the gauge size you have and want to achieve. Ear stretching is most widespread because earlobe piercing heals faster and the time between moving to the next gauge size is smaller than that of other piercings (for example, tongue or cartilage piercings).

Neck Tattoos and Ear Piercing

People have been searching for the ways of beautifying and self-expression since ancient times. And body piercing and tattoo are the most popular types of body modification which are widespread all over the world. Piercing was usually made by the richest people while tattoos were for slaves and prisoners in ancient civilizations.
For people of Pacific Islands tattooing is tradition. There were different historical facts referring body modifications and reasons for them. But nowadays tattoos and

Chest Tattoos and Nipple Piercing

Piercing and tattooing are old types of body modification. People got tattooed and pierced their bodies in ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, India and other countries. Little has changed since those times, only the reasons differ. There were multiple beliefs referring body modification among ancient tribes and the purposes varied from culture to culture. Piercing and tattooing were the parts of religious rituals, in some cultures they were made to improve the health and to cure the body from evil spirits and diseases.

Body Piercing and Tattooing- History Facts Ideas

Tattooing and body piercing are body modification forms which are extremely popular nowadays. During tattoo procedure colored pigments are inserted underneath the skin and beautiful design is created. Inserting the jewelry underneath the skin is body piercing and the pierced area gets unique and attractive outlook after the healing process is over. Both forms of body modification have long history which roots go back into primitive and tribal cultures.

Belly Tattoos and Belly Button Piercing

Women all over the world want to be attractive and beautiful. We want to look great and to notice that people look at us admiringly. There are different ways to achieve these goals and body art is one of them. Piercing and tattooing have become extremely popular nowadays. They are not only the ways of beautifying but also the opportunity to express oneself. You may choose only one type of body modification- tattoo or piercing, as well as create unique and eye-catching combination of both. I'd like to talk about belly piercing and belly tattooing.

How to care for Industrial Piercing?

Industrial piercing isn't an ordinary type of ear piercing and if you are going to get it or already have made industrial piercing, you'd better take the specific care which it needs. Industrial piercing needs more time to heal and this period lasts from six to twelve months. It needs much attention and care. Let's discuss the main recommendations on industrial piercing aftercare.

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Surgical stainless steel piercing jewelry

Stainless steel is probably the most widely used material for body piercing jewelry nowadays. Surgical stainless steel (SSS) usually used in producing piercing jewelry is the best type of steel containing less additional alloys and only little amount of nickel and therefore jewelry made of surgical stainless steel is unlikely to cause any skin irritations and infections.

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