Body Tattoo

Neck Tattoos and Ear Piercing

People have been searching for the ways of beautifying and self-expression since ancient times. And body piercing and tattoo are the most popular types of body modification which are widespread all over the world. Piercing was usually made by the richest people while tattoos were for slaves and prisoners in ancient civilizations.
For people of Pacific Islands tattooing is tradition. There were different historical facts referring body modifications and reasons for them. But nowadays tattoos and

Chest Tattoos and Nipple Piercing

Piercing and tattooing are old types of body modification. People got tattooed and pierced their bodies in ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, India and other countries. Little has changed since those times, only the reasons differ. There were multiple beliefs referring body modification among ancient tribes and the purposes varied from culture to culture. Piercing and tattooing were the parts of religious rituals, in some cultures they were made to improve the health and to cure the body from evil spirits and diseases.

Body Piercing and Tattooing- History Facts Ideas

Tattooing and body piercing are body modification forms which are extremely popular nowadays. During tattoo procedure colored pigments are inserted underneath the skin and beautiful design is created. Inserting the jewelry underneath the skin is body piercing and the pierced area gets unique and attractive outlook after the healing process is over. Both forms of body modification have long history which roots go back into primitive and tribal cultures.

Belly Tattoos and Belly Button Piercing

Women all over the world want to be attractive and beautiful. We want to look great and to notice that people look at us admiringly. There are different ways to achieve these goals and body art is one of them. Piercing and tattooing have become extremely popular nowadays. They are not only the ways of beautifying but also the opportunity to express oneself. You may choose only one type of body modification- tattoo or piercing, as well as create unique and eye-catching combination of both. I'd like to talk about belly piercing and belly tattooing.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Tattooing is usually associated with ink images on the skin done on arms, neck, legs, chest or belly. But tattooing also includes permanent make-up. Cosmetic tattooing is also called micro-pigmentation. During this procedure tiny granules of pigment are implanted below the first layer of skin. More and more women all over the world go for cosmetic tattooing and permanent make-up is extremely popular among celebrities. And there are lots of reasons for that.

Tattoo Facts - Types, Feelings, Social Opinion

Tattoo art is undertaken since the prehistoric times and nowadays it's practiced throughout the world. It's the most popular form of body art and there is a variety of tattoo designs. The process of tattooing is rather simple- the tattoo ink is inserted through the layers of skin and skin pigments changes. Let's discuss the most popular tattoo types, designs and what people think and feel about tattoos nowadays.

Interesting Tattoo Facts

Tattooing is extremely popular nowadays and many people discuss the aspects, pros and cons of tattoos at TV shows. And it's true that there are many interesting facts concerning tattoo. So, do you know that:
The first recorded tattoo was found on the mummified man who lived in about 3300 BC. He had 58 tattoos. The designs were mostly lines and dots.
Tattoos in ancient Egypt were used as differentiation between peasants and slaves and in ancient Rome and Greece only criminals and slaves were tattooed.
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