Chest Tattoos and Nipple Piercing

Piercing and tattooing are old types of body modification. People got tattooed and pierced their bodies in ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, India and other countries. Little has changed since those times, only the reasons differ. There were multiple beliefs referring body modification among ancient tribes and the purposes varied from culture to culture. Piercing and tattooing were the parts of religious rituals, in some cultures they were made to improve the health and to cure the body from evil spirits and diseases. Full body tattooing was traditional custom for people of Pacific Islands. The history is long: Nowadays people get piercing and tattoos mostly to express themselves with the help of the body and symbols. Beautifying is also significant and body modification helps to draw attention to our best parts of the body. But there are piercing and tattoo types which are hidden from everyone's eyes and bring enjoyment to us and our loved ones mostly. Though some professions require showing the body and in this case combining tattoo and piercing designs will be exceptionally great! And I'd like to talk about nipple piercing and chest tattoos.

Nipple piercing has been known to the world for centuries though it became popular again not so long ago. Men and women go for nipple piercing not only for aesthetic pleasure but for increasing sensuality. The choice of nipple piercing jewelry is huge and everyone can find not only stylish and beautiful but symbolic piece.

Chest tattooing differs for men and women because of sex differences in physiology. Male chest tattoos are larger and can end at the top of the stomach while female chest ends at the top of the upper curve of the breasts. Of course, much depends on the size of woman's breasts. But the choice of designs is still impressive.

You may get symbolic tattoo and the nipple piercing jewelry can complete it or give it another sense. Heart tattoo on the chest and lock nipple ring will symbolize that your heart is free yet closed and the man should make much effort to find the key to it. You may wear music nipple ring or your favorite animal ring dangling to you heart tattoo to show your likes. It may be web design on the chest and cherry nipple ring. Floral tattoo and butterfly nipple shield will look great and cute. Butterfly symbolizes transformation for the better and dreams coming true. Tribal and Celtic tattoo design will be perfectly matched by nipple rings with handcuffs. Sun or moon tattoo symbolizing our life and its changes will look classy with star nipple shield. These are only few ideas and their list is endless. Use your imagination and creativity of your tattoo artist and you may create unique and awesome designs.

Before getting tattooed and pierced, we should think over many things and not only the design and placement. Both procedures should be done in trusted parlor by professional tattoo artist. Don't be afraid to visit the place beforehand and make sure that all piercing and tattoo equipment looks reliable, rather new and high quality. All piercing and tattoo stuff, tools and supplies should be sterile. Special attention should be paid to needles which should be disposable and sterile and the quality of tattoo ink and piercing jewelry. And of course, you should take proper aftercare and ask your artist and piercer some advice.

Good luck! Make your body look great and impressive!