Cosmetic Tattooing

Tattooing is usually associated with ink images on the skin done on arms, neck, legs, chest or belly. But tattooing also includes permanent make-up. Cosmetic tattooing is also called micro-pigmentation. During this procedure tiny granules of pigment are implanted below the first layer of skin.

More and more women all over the world go for cosmetic tattooing and permanent make-up is extremely popular among celebrities. And there are lots of reasons for that. First of all, let's think how much time we spend in front of the mirror penciling the eyebrows, etc. Permanent make-up can save lots of time every day and you don't have to worry that it will wash out. The other reason is that not every woman can perfectly do make-up and find the right style for herself. Then let's remember the stats about how much lipstick men eat every year. It's funny from the one hand but it's also a problem referring our health and the health of our loved ones. Cosmetic tattooing of lips will save your time, your money, your stomach and your loved ones. The problem of kissing relatives without fear to leave the mark of your lips on their faces is also solved. There are many other reasons for people to get permanent make-up and mentioning all of them will take lots of time.

So, if you are going to get permanent make up, you have to get prepared for that. Before you undergo cosmetic tattooing, you should consult trusted and professional tattoo technician to discuss the benefits and the procedure itself.

The choice of tattoo equipment and application method depends on the part of the face on which tattooing will be performed. The coil machine that is similar to traditional tattoo equipment is the common application of permanent make up. Rotary pen is also widely used. Tattoo technician will use sterile disposable tattoo needle. It will be inserted few millimeters into the skin and leave there the pre-mixed pigment.

The procedure of micro-pigmentation involves the pain and a topical anesthesia should be provided. Your skin will be numbed and depending on your pain threshold you may feel little pain or feel almost nothing.

The procedure may take about 2-3 hours depending on the undergoing make-up application. After that the tattoo technician will apply tattoo antibiotic ointment as aftercare. It quickens the healing process and you should get one at home.

The true color of permanent make-up will appear in two weeks during which the dead skin cells are naturally sloughed off by the body.

I should mention that pigments fade over time and the lighter is the applied pigment- the quicker it will fade. You can also entirely remove cosmetic tattoos by special medical procedure with the use of lasers.

Most women who got permanent make-up are totally satisfied with results and enjoy it. One friend of mine who has her lips and eyebrows tattooed and rarely uses other cosmetics says that her husband often tells her how happy he is to wake up in the bed with the same women who got into the bed yesterday. So, make your choice and good luck!