Dell D610 Laptop

Laptop history dates back to the early 1980s with companies such as Epsom and Osborne that offered early versions. The Dell computer company, established in 1984 by Michael Dell, introduced its first laptop computer in 1989- the 316LT. In 1991 the Dell introduced the first color display laptop. The 325NC had a 16 color display, maximum processing speed of 25MHz, a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels an the price of $4500.
The Dell company was also the first laptop manufacturer that introduced the lithium ion battery. It that year of 1994 the maximum battery life was around 3 hours. In 2000 built-in-wireless cards became available on Dell laptops. Nowadays Dell is the main provider of laptop and desktop computers in the USA and it continuous making laptop history.
If you have Dell laptop, here are the answers on 2 FAQ that may be useful for you.
The first is How to remove a Dell D610 Keyboard. If you have problems with your Dell D610 laptop and you want to open it to find what's wrong with it, you need to remove the keyboard to get the internal components. You can do it easily without damaging and prying the keyboard. You need to have screwdriver and flat-head screwdriver. You should turn off your laptop and slide its battery out and open the screen so it's far back as it is possible. The tip of flat-head screwdriver should be inserted in the seam between the end of the long plastic cover just above the keyboard and the body of the laptop. Pry up gently to pop the cover out and remove it. Remove the two screws in the center withscrewdriver and set them aside. Gently lift the keyboard up by the top. But remember that it's still connected to the laptop with the cable and you shouldn't remove it until you unplug the cable to free the keyboard. And here you are!

And the second question is How to remove the Dell Latitude D610 laptop battery. There are many reasons for you to need to remove the Dell laptop battery. You may want to take it out to freeze, to install a new longer-lasting battery, etc. It's easy. You turn off the laptop- it means you completely shut it down and disconnect it from any external power (car charger, laptop AC adapter). Then after you make sure the laptop is closed you flip it over to look at the bottom. The lower left corner is the place where laptop is located. Push in the tab on the right side of the battery with the arrow on it and pull up. The battery will pop right out. Don't drop the battery and be careful moving the laptop. If you install a new or reinstall the battery, slide it in towards the left side and push it down. The tab should snap into the place and you will hear snap to make sure it's locked. With time any laptop battery's life will degrade and you'll need to purchase a new Dell battery.