Ear Piercing and Jewelry

Most of people have body piercing. Somebody may disagree. What will they tell then about the fact that majority of girls and women and some men have ear piercing. Earlobe piercing that has become an integral part of fashion is fully accepted by society and is considered beautiful and attractive. We mean standard earlobe piercing now. Elegant ear studs with CZ and gold diamond studs, dangling silver earrings, hoops and many other types of earrings can be found in any jewelry shop and not only.

And what about other types of ear piercings? There is such a huge choice of ear piercing jewellery for all ear piercing types nowadays that you definitely find something special for you. Stylish ear plugs and ear eyelets are the hit! Large gauge earlobe jewelry is available in gold, plastics, titanium, stainless steel, horn, wood, mother of pearl and other piercing materials as well as in variety of colours, designs and shapes. But don't forget that stretching takes time and it's recommended to move to the next gauge size once in at least a month.

Cartilage piercing looks great with captive bead ring, helix barbells and circular barbells. Tragus piercing jewelries are in great demand nowadays as well as industrial piercing jewelry. Industrial piercing, is by the way, unique and gives us opportunity to choose whether to wear one single stylish straight barbell or several pieces of ear jewelry of any shape and design we like.

Daith piercing jewelry as well as snug ear jewelry is rarer but how great it looks! Daith piercing is done through a thick section of cartilage above the tragus. It gives immense aesthetic reward with minimal pain. Thought the healing process can be more complicated and longer than other piercings. The thickness and the size of the cartilage influence the gauge and size of daith jewelry.

Snug piercing (also called anti-helix) can be done along the vertical inner cartilage ridge of the ear parallel to the rim. Most snug piercing jewelry is really small as anti-helix ridges are usually shallow. Small captive bead rings are the option as well as small barbells.

Of course, we should take care of our ear piercing, no matter what type we have. It's recommended to avoid contact with hairspray, perfume and make up. During healing period it's necessary to change the pillowcase every day and be careful talking on the phone.

Ear piercing places differ as well as ear jewelry and a piercing in the upper part of the ear looks quite different from lower ear piercing. The look of it also greatly depends on the choice of jewelry because multiple online jewelry stores and local stores offer the widest choice of piercing jewelry ever found and all imaginable designs from striking and brutal to classical and elegant are to your disposal.