Emo Fashion

What is emo? It is a musical style which combines indie rock and pop punk. It originated in the 1980s in Washington, D.C. Short for "emotional hardcore" emo also describes a particular fashion style popular with teens from emo subculture. Emo fashion differs from typical fashion of teens and it usually includes hoodies, sneakers, T-shirts, skinny jeans and punk accessories. Other things which make the difference between emo and other subcultures are specific makeup styles and hair-do.
Skinny jeans are one of the most important aspects of emo fashion. Tight from the hips to the ankles, they should look painted to the legs and are usually of black, dark indigo or bright colors but never the blue color of standard jeans. Common shoe choice in emo fashion is skate shoes or converse sneakers. The main key is to wear flat, simple shoes and females often choose black buckle shoes.
Emo wear a tight, short-sleeved T-shirt paired with sweatshirt jackets, or hoodies. T-shirt should have the band on it and this band has to be a cool emo band or to be considered ironic with emo fashion followers. The hoodie has to have the name of the emo band, stars or skulls and ne in dark, plain color. And they wear hoodies through out the year- it doesn't matter whether it is winter, spring, summer or autumn.
Emo fashion accessories include studded bracelets, fingerless gloves, studded leather belts and backpacks with emo band logos. It is also considered cool to wear pins on the totes or backpacks. Long, striped and thin scarves are popular with emo as well as multiple ear piercings. Emo jewelry includes mostly leather bracelets and necklaces and handcrafted jewelry. Cross, skull and angels rings, necklaces and earrings are very widespread in emo subculture.
Straightened black hair with long bangs is integral part of emo fashion. The bangs are swept to the side covering one or both eyes. Emo people also can add pink, blue and blond chunky highlights to the hair. Males and females sport black nail polish on chipped nails and wear black eyeliner.
Nowadays emo fashion is still widespread and there special emo shops where you'll find everything to complete the emo outlook.