Externally and Internally Threaded Piercing Jewelry

We all need love and support. And we all understand that people who look well-tended and sexy are more successful in life. People want to look attractive and try to achieve this goal by various ways. We design fashionable clothes and create new accessories, wear necklaces, bracelet and toe rings and do make-ups. Body piercing is one more way to draw the eyes to one's personality and look great and stunning.

Body piercing jewelry is versatile and everyone can definitely find piece of jewelry matching the individuality and lifestyle. The choice of jewelry depends on many factors including the type of piercing, the reaction of the skin on certain metals and the preferences of the customer. At the same time we shouldn't forget about one important thing: body piercing jewelry should not only look great and attractive, it should also be comfortable and safe. Especially, it's important for first few weeks of healing time.

There is a division of body jewelry on internally and externally threaded types. The difference is significant and the quality differs greatly as well as the price.

Thred is a spiral ridge winding around the metal (similar with bolt). Threads are the part of the jewelry that end ball that screws off and on. Curved, circular and straight barbells as well as labrets have such threads.

Externally threaded jewelry has the tread on the end of the barbell placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. The threads pass through the piercing together with the jewelry and the ball is screwed into the place. Internally threaded jewelry has a threaded hole inside the ball and an external thread that protrudes from the ball. A smooth barbell is being passed through the piercing and the ball is inserted and screwed into the place.

Of course, smooth barbell passing through new and raw piercing is preferable to a threaded barbell. And it depends not only on the degree of comfort. Internally threaded jewelry helps to avoid possibilities of scraping the tissue with sharp threads and it's especially important for new piercings. Passing through the skin of smooth jewelry that threads are on the removable ball, spiked and gem ends answers APP standards for initial piercing jewelry. Initial piercings should be paid special attention to, as they are the most susceptible to infection and irritation. The nooks of the threading are the places where bacteria can reside and then come in contact with flesh inside a new piercing. And it may cause lots of problems. Therefore externally threaded jewelry is recommended for completely healed piercings.

Internal threaded barbells and labrets are more expensive because of the certain process of their manufacture but your health is worth that money.