Eyebrow Piercing and Jewelry

We know that nowadays people have experienced multiple types of body piercing and some of them are more popular with women (belly button piercing), some with teens (tongue piercing) and some are widespread among both male and female popularity of different ages (ear piercing).

The most versatile adornment for face is eyebrow piercing jewelry. Eyebrow piercing is so popular with teens, rock-stars and other celebrities because it has multiple advantages over other piercing types.

First of all, eyebrow piercings can change the outlook of the face and give it more serious or joyful expression. Piercer can place the hole closer to the middle of the eyebrow or closer to the ear and it will influence the way the face looks and can also make the eyes visually bigger or smaller. You should try to put the eyebrow ring on different places of the eyebrow and find the best for you before you pierce it. And whether you choose the outer or the inner edge or multiple eyebrow piercing, you'll always find the jewelry for it matching your lifestyle.

Then, eyebrow barbells and rings are available in all imaginable sizes, styles, colors and materials. You may choose simple yet elegant silver eyebrow hoop or small gold eyebrow ring. But if you like bright colors and brassy statements, acrylic curved barbells in all imaginable colors and their combinations are to your disposal. Stylish titanium d-ring looks great in the eyebrow and its quality is really high. Captive bead rings are also worn in eyebrow piercing and CBRs with gems or crystals are what you probably need for special occasion. Rightly chosen eyebrow jewelry can be worn everywhere and even at the wedding. While curved spiked barbells and other jewelry that look more aggressive are probably not for everyday wear.

Most eyebrow jewelry is flexible and not expensive. It is available in acrylics, stainless steel, titanium and PTFE as well as in gold and silver. Classical and bold, elegant and striking, small and large eyebrow piercing jewelry is available in thousands of designs and styles to meet all your needs.

If you decide to pierce your eyebrow, it's a good way to add a hint of flair and drama to your face, to frame it and attract attention to your eyes. And of course, to make it look beautiful, the piercing should be done in trusted piercing shop by professional piercer with sterile needles and equipment. And following all aftercare recommendations and taking care of your jewelry, you are likely to enjoy your eyebrow piercing and feel comfortable and great. Be unique and stunning with facial piercing and create your own piercing jewelry collection to colour your days and look different as often as you want!