Fashion Jewelry Trends

Fashion is changing as well as our life is and if we want to be on the top, we should be ready for new trends and be prepared to change something. Jewelry helps us express our personality, show our lifestyle and change our appearance for the best. Do you know the latest jewelry fashion trends?
Animal and plant jewelry is popular and trendy. This hot trend came into vogue several years ago and it is still making people feel close to nature and will be continuing in this year (and as experts say, for several years longer). Each animal has its symbolism and you can choose zodiac sing jewelry as well as the jewelry with an insect or an animal that has the features similar to your character. And it means that if you still have no floral design jewelry or animal pendant in your collection, you'd better visit local or online jewelry store to get at least one piece for you.
And what do we know about jewelry materials? Sterling silver jewelry and gold jewelry is still the most popular choice and these beautiful metals hold value. The prices of gold are still growing but its popularity remains the same if not even higher. For those who like to spend less money on jewelry, stainless steel jewelry is the best alternative in this year. This cheap yet quality and good-looking jewelry is especially popular among the youth and in body piercing. And many jewelry designers also choose stainless steel and titanium.

Pandora jewelry is still extremely popular and a great vogue is jewelry possessing unique charm and mystery.
Pink, purple and blue are probably the most fashionable colours of jewelry industry. And it means that gemstone jewelry and especially sapphire, topaz, tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst, tanzanite and some other gems set in white gold or silver will be of great popularity.
The choice of sizes depends on you. Large geometric shapes are still trendy as well as classical and elegant small pieces such pearl jewelry is in fashion. The main thing is that it looks proportionally and matches the wardrobe and the personality.
If you have no idea what jewelry you need, check your jewelry collection. Do you have at least 10 pairs of earrings in various types, designs and colours? Are there matching necklaces in your jewelry box? Do you have a choice of rings and bracelets? Pendants, toe rings, anklets and brooches are also desirable. Be unique, fashionable and bright!