Hello Kitty

Have you seen a photo of the girl in a nightwear with a nice white cat on it? Have you heard the words Hello Kitty on the street? Have you ever seen teens with Hello Kitty belly ring or young girl with Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet? Of course, you are- because Hello Kitty products are almost everywhere because of their popularity. Do you know who Hello Kitty is? Here you'll find some information that may be useful for you.

Hello Kitty is the character of Japanese popular culture which appearance was first introduced on a vinyl coin purse and was brought to the US in 1976. Nowadays Hello Kitty product range goes with computer equipment, stickers, purses, televisions, pen sets, massagers, clothing and jewelry. This anime targeted adults as well as children. Home appliances, dolls, clothes, school supplies and greeting cards are examples of Hello Kitty products for children.
A nice white cat is met almost everywhere- on cards, guitars, on TV, on CDs and in numerous video games. There is a restaurant named Hello Kitty Sweets and Hello Kitty themed maternity hospital in Taiwan.
Hello Kitty was adopted as a fashion statement in the late 1990s. It was done with the help of several celebrities including Mariah Carey. Hello Kitty was awarded the exclusive title of UNICEF special friend of children.
Hello Kitty has her own history of life. She was born in 1974 (November, 1) in London. She lives in England with her dad, George, mum, Mary and twin sister, Mimmy. Hello Kitty loves to play outdoors, in the forest or park and she is very energetic. She also enjoys baking and playing the piano. Hello Kitty symbolizes kindness, generosity, friendship and innocence. She has many friends- Tippy, Cathy, Tracy, Jodie, Rory, Tim, Fifi, Joey, Tommy, Mory and Tiny Chum. In summer Hello Kitty travels and makes new friends all over the world. She endears everyone by her kindness and generosity. Her hobbies are music, tea parties, eating cookies and reading. Mimmy, her sister, is shy and is the best friend of Kitty.
As it has already been mentioned above, Hello Kitty body piercing jewelry and classical jewelry exists and it's a popular way to show one's personality. Hello Kitty belly button rings and ear rings with Hello Kitty are the most widespread though there is a wide choice of all body piercing jewelry types with Hello Kitty. Of course, a woman over 30 with a Hello Kitty ring won't look really great or sexy. If only she wears it to match and to please her little daughter who wears Hello Kitty necklace, for example. So, if you are choosing something for adult girl, consider more elegant or modern designs of body piercing jewelry.