How to care for Industrial Piercing?

Industrial piercing isn't an ordinary type of ear piercing and if you are going to get it or already have made industrial piercing, you'd better take the specific care which it needs. Industrial piercing needs more time to heal and this period lasts from six to twelve months. It needs much attention and care. Let's discuss the main recommendations on industrial piercing aftercare.

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Remember that you still have an open wound and germs can easily penetrate below the skin causing an infection. People's hands are the carrier of germs and you should not let other people touch your piercing while it is healing as well as not to touch it yourself. The ideal time for cleaning your healing piercing is while showering and it should be done twice a day. You should wash your hands with antibacterial soap before you touch the piercing. Then you should drip your piercing with some plain water. Then clean your piercing with special aftercare product containing natural sea water using buds. If there is any crusted discharge on your skin or on the jewelry, remove it using the same healing and cleaning product. There are some additional recommendations depending on which aftercare lotion you use- so follow them. After all these steps you should allow the piercing to air dry thoroughly.
You should avoid removing and touching piercing jewelry too often. It's difficult but you should try.

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If you experience such symptoms as unusual discharge, redness or pain, consult the doctor or your piercer to find out the reason and take proper measures. You can also maximize the healing taking zinc and vitamin C.
Don't use alcohol swabs, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs or cotton balls to clean the piercing. Don't change the jewelry until your piercing is completely healed. Avoid contacts of your piercing with other people's body fluids. Sweet, semen, saliva and blood can contain sickness cells which can penetrate your piercing.
Follow all recommendation of professional piercer, your doctor and our pieces of advice and you get an attractive and healthy industrial piercing as soon as it is possible if you take proper care of it.