How to Clean Gold, Silver, Cooper and Gemstone Jewelry

Any person who has jewelry collection should also have the tools and some knowledge to clean the jewelry. And here is this proper information.

A non-abrasive jewelry cleaner, mild dish soap, a soft dry cloth, a soft toothbrush and a line-free cloth are the items you need to clean your jewelry. Of course, there are different cleaning tips and I'd like to speak about the most common.
Remember: porous stones such as turquoise, pearls and gems should never be put in a jewelry cleaning solution. Such jewelry should be rubbed with a damp soft cloth. If it is diamond jewelry, dip the diamond in rubbing alcohol or vodka to dissolve the grease. Of course, you can give your stones to professional for cleaning if you have any doubts.
Before you start cleaning, make sure that all prongs and clasps of your jewelry are secure. If you clean gold jewelry, soak it into few drops of mild dish soap and two cups warm water. In 15 minutes you should rinse the jewelry in warm running water and use a lint-free cloth to buff it dry until the shiny look. Don't use backing soda or toothpaste because of its abrasiveness cleaning gold and other soft metals.
If you clean silver jewelry, cover it with a professional non-abrasive silver jewelry cleaner. Polish it with a soft cloth working out the stains. Then you should wipe off any excess cleaner and polish the jewelry with a lent-free cloth to make it shiny. If you don't wear silver jewelry, store it in a plastic bag to slow the oxidation down to avoid the darkened effect on your jewelry.
If you clean jewelry containing cooper, use a solution of lemon or lime juice with a dash of salt to restore the jewelry to its original state. Then you should rinse it off and dry well with a soft line-free cloth. You can also buff your cooper jewelry with a polishing cloth to make it shiny.
You can also simply polish your jewelry with a polishing cloth to avoid chemical ways of cleaning. Such method will make your jewelry stay bright for a long period of time.