Interesting Facts About Gold

Gold has always been associated with money, richness, beauty and wealth. The common perspective of the society is that the more gold you have, the richer you are. If we convert the value of gold into money, we understand that it's probably the truth. That's why gold jewelry is probably one of the most desired choices of people all over the world. And buying and wearing gold, we'd better know some things about it. And here is some information about gold.

  • Gold is much softer in comparison to other metals and it can be hammered so thin that the sun light will shine through it.
  • Gold is about eight times heavier than other metals on the earth.
  • Being the world's most precious metal, gold is rare compared with diamond.
  • Since the gold is known to humanity, people extracted about eighty-eight thousand tons of this fine metal.
  • Gold reached its highest price in 2012 (1776$ one ounce).
  • One ounce of gold is enough to make a 60-mile wire.
  • About 200pounds is the weight of the largest gold nugget found in California, the US.
  • South Africa is the world's largest producer of gold at present.

The price of gold changes depending on its rarity and demand. But we know well that gold is one of the most ancient and widely used metal in jewelry and million of people all over the world choose gold jewelry and accessories.