Interesting Facts About Jewelry

Jewelry has been used by people since ancient times as emblems of social and religious affiliation as well as for personal adornments. If you like jewelry and always search for new information, here are some interesting facts about jewelry.
In ancient times people made jewelry from inorganic and organic materials such as feathers, hair, scales, leather, shells, ceramics, wood, minerals and metals.

The processes of ornamenting invented by ancient Egyptians are still used today. They produced chased, inlaid, skillfully, engraves and soldered jewelry using silver and gold and inlaying these metals with enamel, glass and semiprecious stones.
Cameo cutting was developed with Greek and Roman jewelry. In the 7th century garnet slices were used into metal cells.
Platinum is one of the strongest metals in the world and platinum jewelry is 50 times rarer than gold jewelry. And it weighs 60% more than karat gold.
Gold is a soft metal thought to have come from the Sun. To make more durable jewelry gold is mixed with harder metals and is also used to layer and plate other metals to make costume jewelry.
Costume jewelry became popular when Hollywood stars began wearing it not only in films but in real life around 1940s.
India was the only known source of diamonds before the sixth century.
Emerald, ruby or sapphire is valued first of all for the clarity of color.
Men and not women were the first who wore jewelry as good luck amulets in battle and as a status symbol.
There is only one difference between sapphire and ruby- the color. Sapphire is pink and ruby is red.
To get one diamond that is worth being used in jewelry, over one million diamonds are mined.
Diamond engagement ring is worn on the finger of about 75% of American brides.
Opal was believed to be a piece of heaven that had fallen out die to thunderstorms.
Silver has been prized and mined for its durability and beauty for at least 6 thousand years.