Interesting Facts About Laptops

Why laptops are one of the most used technological advances of our time? They can be used almost anywhere and are very convenient. Every person who has s desktop computer or a laptop really loves it. And the fact that laptop uses 90% less energy than desktop makes this small and interesting portable "thing" even more popular. It saves environment and our time. And here are some fun and just interesting facts about laptops.

  • The first computer built in 1948 that used a stored program and data, contained only 1,024 bits. It was called "Baby" and could run only 700 instructions per second.
  • The Gavilan SC was the ancestor of the modern laptop. This truly portable computer was introduced in 1983.
  • 6 pounds is a possible weight of laptop.
  • Some tired people even fall asleep in their laptops.
  • More than 12,000 laptops are missed at airports of the US a week.
  • 1 million dollars is the price of the most expensive laptop.
  • Acer Aspire is one of the all purpose laptops on the market :). People wonder if they clean the house too.

If you use your laptop in at home as well as in other places and sometimes you want or need to enjoy large screen monitor and standard keyboard, docking station is what you need. And don't forget that laptop adapters should be regularly replaced and it's better to have one beforehand.