Interesting Tattoo Facts

Tattooing is extremely popular nowadays and many people discuss the aspects, pros and cons of tattoos at TV shows. And it's true that there are many interesting facts concerning tattoo. So, do you know that:

  • The first recorded tattoo was found on the mummified man who lived in about 3300 BC. He had 58 tattoos. The designs were mostly lines and dots.
  • Tattoos in ancient Egypt were used as differentiation between peasants and slaves and in ancient Rome and Greece only criminals and slaves were tattooed.
  • In 1519 Cortez landed on the Mexican cost and found the natives with permanently marked pictures of the idols on the skin. He believed it was the devil worshiping.
  • 1769 was the year when the word tattoo first occurred in the Oxford English Dictionary.
  • The first woman who is said to have tattoo on the tongue was the queen Kamamalu of Hawaii. She reigned from 1808 till 1824.
  • Tattoos were outlawed by the Japanese government in the 1870s and underground practices were widespread.
  • Thomas Edison invented a tattoo machine in 1876.Samuel O'Reilly adapted the device on 1891.
  • Thomas Edison had tattoo of five dots on the left forearm which reminded the dots on the dice.
  • Ancient tattoo machines hold up to 27 tattoo needles and modern machines hold between 1 and 10.
  • 200 hits per second can be made by tattoo gun- that's up to 720,000 times per hour.
  • Tattoo ink is injected into the dermis, the second payer of skin. The body encapsulates it and the image is left intact and stable.
  • Autoclave is a high pressure machine in which tattoo equipment is sterilized.
  • Nowadays more women than men get tattooed.
  • Tattoos were popular among rich aristocrats during the period of Churchill's life and his mother had a snake tattoo on the wrist. Snake tattoo could be easily covered by the bracelet.
  • There was a large tattoo of tomahawk on the inside of the thigh of U. S. President Andrew Jackson.
  • The first white man who had Chinese character tattoo is said to be U.S. President James Polk.
  • There are policy and forms of restrictions regarding tattoo in almost all U.S. corporations.
  • A new US Marine Corp directive prohibits people with full sleeve tattoo, hand and finger tattoos, tattoos on the wrist and inside of the mouth from becoming officers
  • There is a restaurant in Ohio which specializes in cheeseburgers. It offers a lifetime 25% discount for people who have a cheeseburger tattoo. The tattoo studio in the nearby town offers 25% discount on tattoos of cheeseburger.
  • 577 tattoos were inked in 24 hours by Robbie "the coon" Koch.
  • 35% of NBA players have tattoos.

You should search for serious and important tattoo information before you get tattooed.
Choose professional tattoo artist and ask questions.
Tattoos are rather expensive and cheap tattoos aren't good.