History and Development of Jewelry

Why women wear jewelry? Why do we need these sparkling pieces? The answer is simple. We want to dress up, to be attractive and to show one's style. Coco Chanel said: "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". Do you want to? Then choose fabulous and classy jewelry!
Jewelry has a long history of development. The first who experimented with gold were the ancient Egyptians. It was in 3000BC, can you imagine that? It was easy to shape gold into various forms as it was tarnish though rare. They made not only metalizing jewelry but handmade wood jewelry, handcrafted beaded jewelry, custom handcrafter and unique jewelry. Some of these bracelets, rings, collars, earrings and ornaments were made of gold. The King's gold funeral mask and many artifacts of gold were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922. The first people who incorporated gemstones in jewelry were the Greeks. It was in 1400 BC. They joined two flat pieces of gold and filled them with sand to produce the beads. In 8th century BC Italians in the Tuscany region held experiments with gold. They made coins and hollow pendants which they filled with perfume. They also added gems in the jewelry. Faux jewelry existed for long time. Italians purchased almost all real pearls and gems originated in the east and the world wore pearls from glass and imitation gems produced by the Venetians. Paris became the main producer of fake pearls in the 1700s. Steel was used for settings with gemstones after 1760. When Napoleon became the Emperor of France, the era of neo-classical style began and cameo became popular. Romantic trends in jewelry fashion were brought by Queen Victoria. Tiffany began manufacturing jewelry in America and Europe. In the 1920s cocktail jewelry became popular. Television and movies have always influenced fashion and inexpensive costume jewelry became popular.

Nowadays jewelry is associated not only with rarity and expense but with unique style, attractiveness and even necessity. We need to show our personality and jewelry helps us. The choice of jewelry and accessories is so wide that any person is sure to find the jewelry matching his/her lifestyle and taste. Right jewelry may tell how you feel, what you are interested in and who you are. With the help of jewelry we can draw the eye to our best features. Do you like your hands? Elegant sterling silver bracelet in unique design and a lovely floral design silver ring will definitely help you. Choose your color and your material. Consider the size and comfort of jewelry and wear it with pleasure.
And one piece of advice for those who can't decide what to buy as a gift or in one's jewelry collection: we see that something have changed but what is true is that beautiful pearl jewelry has been and always will be in fashion. It can be worn by women of all ages and it goes with any style and dress.
The magic world of jewelry is open for you! Be yourself and find new outlooks and additions to your style!