Labret Piercing and Jewelry

Body piercing is unique and unusual way to attract attention to the definite parts of the body though humanity has been practising it for centuries. But still some types of piercing of the body are considered too much, too extreme, too striking, etc. Of course, not all people think so. Most teens and many of adults totally accept and understand the beauty of all body piercing types.

There are such piercings that can be hidden and nobody will know you have it if you wish. But some piercing types are always in sight and facial piercings are from that kind. Eyebrow piercing can be lightly hidden with the bang if you have any, ear piercing can be hidden with hairs if you have long, but nose piercing and lip piercing are always in the public eye.

Labret piercing looks great on both women and men though women's lips are more attractive and sexy. Being very popular, labret piercing jewelry is available in a variety of sizes and styles as well as materials and designs. Every taste and any need will be satisfied if you shop in large online piercing jewelry store. Labret talons, small labret studs and even small rings are to your disposal.

So, we can put on lip gloss to draw attention to our lips or we can pierce them and enjoy new and beautiful jewelry every day. The beauty of lips is easy to accentuate with stylish piece of jewelry and the smile of people with lip piercing is amazing. Your mood, your outfit and your statement can be completed with a matching labret. Hundreds of styles are waiting for you. It may be elegant CZ labret stud or classical gold lip ring. To look stronger and more aggressive, choose labret talon. Black Labret is in great demand nowadays. Funny and funky, eye-catching and simple, elegant and shocking labret studs and rings will help you to look great.

Labrets come in variety of gauge sizes- but 14ga and 16ga labrets are standard.

Monroe piercing jewelry has also become extremely popular nowadays. It is placed off-centre

above the upper lip and small crystal or diamond studs look great there. Monroe (also known as Madonna) piercing and other lip jewelry is designed for safety and comfort. There is a flattened disc on the end of the post that rests against the gums. It is unnoticeable inside the mouth and doesn't cause irritation.

If you haven't jazz up your smile with lovely labret yet, think about it! Lip piercing is really special and will make you feel another way and be stunning. Of course, you can find other ways to draw attention to your lips and face, but lip piercing gives an opportunity to completely change the outlook without spending hours for make-up and just wearing new and great-looking piece of jewelry.