Medusa Piercing

People have always been searching for the ways of body decoration and have invented multiple things to look more attractive. Body piercings jewelry is the way to draw attention to certain parts of the body and to have an opportunity to look great and new wearing different jewelry.

There are so many types of piercing that it's sometimes difficult to decide what exactly to choose. The choice depends on what the person wants from piercing. If she/he wants just to draw the eyes to favorite part of the body, the choice is easier. If this body part can be pierced differently and there are several places for puncture on it, we just choose the one we like most of all. If the reason for piercing is the desire to look more stylish, we choose the piercing that is the most popular or that our favorite celebrity has. And here are numerous variants. Some people take into consideration the healing time and if they have no opportunity to spend much time on healing and change the lifestyle during healing period, they choose the piercing that heals faster and is less risky for infections and irritations.

I'd like to speak about one of the lip piercing types- medusa piercing. It's the piercing of the upper lip located in the philtrum. Philtrum, also known as "cupid's bow" is the little dimple between the upper lip and the nose. Medusa piercing is a horizontal and single piercing of this indent that is a mirror image of the labret piercing.

Medusa piercing is a lip piercing and an oral piercing and it means it requires special care. And you would have to follow two sets of aftercare recommendations treating each end of the piercing separately. During the first week of healing you should follow special liquid diet, try not to speak and not to smoke. Alcohol is also not recommended though a bit of wine would be probably ok but beer is restricted.

The starter jewelry for Medusa piercing is 16ga or 14ga labret stud. Starter jewelry would be longer to accommodate the swelling that you'll have during first several weeks. As you heal swelling will go down and in about 6 weeks you return to your piercer to change the jewelry for a shorter bar. If you follow all recommendations and clean your jewelry properly, the healing time is about 6-12 weeks. But we shouldn't forget that internal healing lasts longer and for Medusa piercing it's about 6 months.

You may use special piercing cleaning and healing solutions (mouthwashes) and non-iodized sea salt and water to rinse.

Take care of your piercing and after it's healed enjoy its beauty and your style without any discomfort and troubles. And don't forget to choose high quality piercing jewelry.