Money Clips

If you want to find functional yet stylish and elegant gift for a man, the money clip is what you need! It eliminates the need for a wallet, holding money folded in half. Money clips are available in various designs nowadays and can be silver, gold, engraved or bejeweled.

Money clips are commonly used by men when they want cash on hand. It looks classier to use the money clip than to pull out the wallet and this elegant accessory is widely used in the upper echelons of society. The U shape of the money clip and the press of its two ends form a clamp that holds the money in place.
Money clips suit various occasions where people wear formal dress including black tie parties or weddings. Monogrammed or engraved versions of money clips are available and you can easily personalize the money clip for you or your close friends and relatives. When a wallet is not appropriate, the money clip is a great addition to the wardrobe.
You can choose the money clip with your or someone's lucky stone or favorite gem. CZ, diamond and onyx money clips are the most popular though simple yet classically elegant silver money clips and gold money clips look great and are also loved by men and women all over the world.