Neck Tattoos and Ear Piercing

People have been searching for the ways of beautifying and self-expression since ancient times. And body piercing and tattoo are the most popular types of body modification which are widespread all over the world. Piercing was usually made by the richest people while tattoos were for slaves and prisoners in ancient civilizations. For people of Pacific Islands tattooing is tradition. There were different historical facts referring body modifications and reasons for them. But nowadays tattoos and piercing are done by people of different ages, lifestyles and social positions. Some people prefer piercing, others get tattooed and there are personalities which needs both of them and their body is decorated with stylish body piercing jewelry and beautiful tattoo designs.

Almost any part of our body can be tattooed and the choice depends on many aspects. Some people can't get wrist or chest tattoo because of the workplace and others can have full arm tattoos and whatever they want. It also concerns some types of piercing. I think that combination of elegant tattoo design or attractive unusual tattoos and body piercing look great. And I'd like to talk about neck tattoos and ear piercing.

Ear piercing is the most ancient type of body puncturing and nowadays ear lobe piercing have become almost tradition for women and for some men as well. But there are other types of ear piercing which look great and the choice of ear piercing jewelry is striking. All possible materials, shapes, colors, styles and gauge sizes are to our disposal.

Neck tattoo looks amazing. I think that neck tattoo designs are deeply sensual and touching. And we may choose any design we want except large tattoos as the area allows middle-size and small designs.

And now let's imagine that ear jewelry perfectly matches the tattoo on the neck. It is really great. There is no need in that and you may wear any jewelry you want and when it suits the situation show out your creative idea.

It may be steel pincher, flesh tunnels and tribal neck tattoo. The unending patterns of Celtic design stand for protection and strength, rebirth and death. You may choose heart dangling earrings and get the initials of your loved one tattooed on your neck. You may also have tattoo of something you really love- a music note or a quote of favorite writer- and dangling heart will accentuate how much you like that. Ocean tattoo, symbolizing not only your love for it but changing and dynamic life, will look great with dolphin or shell earrings. Pearl earring is also wonderful idea. There innumerable ideas and you may create your own unique tattoo design and choose matching ear jewelry to complete the look.

And we shouldn't forget that piercing and tattooing are procedures carrying some risks and to avoid infections, we should make sure that everything is all right. Tattoo equipment, piercing tools, needles, piercing jewelry, tattoo ink and anything referring the process of tattooing and piercing should be sterile and high quality. Find out what proper aftercare should be and how you can help the healing process run faster.

Be unique and impress everyone! Good luck!