Nipple and Genital Piercings

There is such a wide choice of body piercing jewelry and so many types of body piercing nowadays and most people have at least ear piercing. Some piercings are more common and can affect the outlook while others are hidden from the eyes of people and are more for aesthetic and physical pleasure of the person. Nipple piercing and all types of genital piercings are only for you and your partner (if only you don't work in a strip show). There are many interesting facts one should know about the piercing he/she wants to get or already has and history is one of the things we should know.
Roman Centurions wore leather armour breast plated fitting the body and in these breastplates at the place where nipples appeared to be there were sometimes rings used to hang a cape from. Of course the actual nipples weren't pierced. In the middle of the 14th century women wore very low necklines and Queen Isabella of Bavaria introduced the upper classes the dress open to the navel. Women began to wear such dresses that nipples were freely displayed and fashion led to wearing small cups or diamond stud rings in pierced nipples. In the late 1890s the rings inserted through the nipple or both nipples and linked with a delicate chain came into fashion for some time. It was the way to keep the nipples in a constant excitation. Medical community was shocked and outraged. People who have already experienced nipple piercing and are wearing nipple piercing rings or nipple shields say that it isn't uncomfortable or painful and the procedure itself isn't so frightening and painful as it seems to be.

nipple shield piseng women
Practiced by the Karankawa Indians of Texas and still practiced by women of the nomadic Kabyle tribe, nipple piercing is popular with people of both sexes all over the world. We can mention such celebrities with pierced nipples as J. Davidson, Lenny Kravitz, Tommy Lee, Gerry Connelly, A.Rose, Eric West and others. There are numerous benefits of nipple piercing- it makes the nipples more sexually attractive, more sensual, larger and the constant stimulation of nipples is provided.

nipple shield piseng women

Speaking about types of intimate piercing, we can briefly mention some of them and their history. Clitoris hood piercing was used over 2,500 thousand years ago. It was described by ancient Greeks.
Prince Albert piercing was developed by the husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert. Prior to the marriage he had done the piercing to hold the penis to the side to create attractive outlook of tight pants.
Foreskin piercing is other popular male genital piercing. It was practiced by the men of ancient Greece to prevent the penis moving during the Games. The Roman writers mentioned this type of piercing.
Palang piercing was practised among Kelabit, Kenuah, Kayan and Iban tribes of the island of Borneo.
Guiche piercing is a puberty ritual of Samoan.
Scrotum piercing originated in Arabia and was a puberty ritual.
We see that there were and there still are many types of intimate piercing for men and women. They are rarer than other piercing types but you may not even know that your neighbour or your co-worker has it. If you want to have it or already enjoy nipple or genital piercing, choose high quality piercing jewelry and feel comfortable and great!