Snake Bites Piercing

Body piercing is popular nowadays not only because of multiple web-sites dedicated to it and magazines with photos of pierced celebrities. Piercing of the body exists since ancient times and people have done it for various purposes- religious and social, physical and emotional and, of course, for the sake of beauty. Classical jewelry, stylish clothes and accessories are not always enough to express one's individuality and people have always been searching for new ways of decoration and drawing the attention to the body. And piercing of the body gives us unique opportunity to feel our body better, to change the look and to draw attention to our favorite parts of the body.

Belly button piercing, ear piercing, nose and eyebrow piercings are attractive and can be unusual concerning some definite types, but most teens and people of music often choose snake bites jewelry and the piercing of lower lip. Snakebites piercing can be done with captive bead rings or with labret studs. And the difference of the look is great. And if you are going to have snakebites piercing, you'd better decide beforehand how you want to wear it because the holes aren't pierced the same and it will be rather difficult to replace the labret with the ring. It's possible but can cause healing problems and irritation.

If to speak about pain, it's clear that getting two piercings at once is more stressful and painful for the body but with a professional piercer, you'll feel not so much pain as you may expect. It's important to make two piercings properly lining them up because if one is lower/higher or a bit off centre, it won't look great.

Being both oral and external piercings snake bites should be properly cleaned as you would clean and take care of two types. Few days after the piercing drinking and eating would be sore and the speech may be unclean. Alcohol and cigarettes aren't recommended during first days. Unusual snake bites piercing looks really interesting and attractive. The choice of jewelry is huge- all kinds of captive bead rings, snake bite spikes, labret studs with ball ends and whatever in titanium, steel and other materials. High quality piercing jewelry is available in multiple local and online piercing jewelry stores and shops. You'll definitely find something special for your style and your life.

If you are afraid of piercing the lips, consult your doctor or trusted piercer, talk to the people who have already done it and search for some information and photos in the web. There is really nothing terrible about the snake bites piercing and if you really want it, just try. And don't forget about proper aftercare.