Some Facts about Daith Piercing

daith piercing jewelry

There are various types of ear piercing and here you can find some facts about the piercing of the ear cartilage close to the ear canal. It is daith piercing. It can also appear hidden in the ear when well-places, so you will see only some part of the jewelry sticking out. Such cartilage piercing must be places by professional piercer with experience in daith piercing and requires special care to avoid infection. Daith piercing is available not to all people because there is little room to work with daith piercing and the person should have suitable anatomy for this piercing.
Daith piercing is usually done with a curved needle. And the jewelry inserted in new daith piercing should be carefully selected because comfort is very important, especially during the healing period. You should wash the site several times a day with antimicrobial soap and use a sea salt soak to reduce swelling and promote healthy healing. Use cotton pads for soaking in saltwater and hold them to the piercing. It's very important to do it softly and keep a daith piercing always clean to avoid collecting dirt in your ear canal. Once a week you'd better swab the natural passage of the ear. If your daith piercing is infected, visit your doctor or at least your piercer to treat the infection to avoid complications or even damage to the ear.
Depending on your anatomy you can wear a curved bar or a ball closure ring in the daith piercing. And nowadays there is a wide choice of daith rings including smooth segment rings, circular barbells and ball closure rings. Variety of materials, sizes, shapes and designs will meet all your needs.