Surgical stainless steel piercing jewelry

Stainless steel is probably the most widely used material for body piercing jewelry nowadays. Surgical stainless steel (SSS) usually used in producing piercing jewelry is the best type of steel containing less additional alloys and only little amount of nickel and therefore jewelry made of surgical stainless steel is unlikely to cause any skin irritations and infections. SSS piercing jewelry looks attractive and stylish. All types of piercing rings can be found in stainless steel and here you'll find a multiple choice of high quality jewelry for all kind so piercings made of steel.

Steel captive bead rings and straight barbells, steel curved segment rings and internally threaded jewelry, circular and spiral barbells made of steel, steel jewelry for industrial piercing, steel labrets and hexa spikes, steel eyebrow rings and twisters, lip huggers and many other piercing jewelry made of stainless steel are on stock now. The prices are low, the quality is high, the choice is wide!