Synergenex ephedrine

'I love my slim sporty legs, I love my tiny thin waist, but I only hate this thick layer of fat, which covers all this.' Do you keep repeating it to yourself? Lucky are you then, because you definitely have a good sense of humour! And a positive attitude has never made any harm to anyone. As for now, let us be a little bit serious for a couple of minutes. Here you will read some information, which will probably be useful for you in your struggle against excessive weight.

Synergenex today is one of the most successful and famous firms on a broad and vivid market of various active supplements, sportive nutrition, vitamins, dietary supplements, etc. Synergenex has a very serious fabrication line connected with ephedrine products. And it is a big plus, as ephedrine is very effective substance for losing weight and at the same time you should be careful with its dosage, intake and be aware of some other peculiarities, but a little bit later about it. So it's good and safe to have such a successful, serious and troubleproof firm as a producer of this drug. Synergenex ephedrine pills have 8 mg of ephedrine each. It should be pointed out that it doesn't contain guaifenesin and some other components, which are common for asthmatic medicines, yet, even so as it is, it has some positive influence on diseases connected with lungs.

Synergenex ephedrine hcl 8mg

Now about this wonderful and mysterious herb. Ephedra (or as it is also often called: Ma Huang, Yellow Horse, Sea Grape, and a dozen of other different names) is a well-known herb, (which started in China and now has spread all over the world) which is used in production of diverse medical drugs. It possesses a range of different curative effects. Ephedra plant contains a chemical substance, which is called ephedrine. For the first time ephedrine was extracted from ephedra in 1885 by a Japanese chemist - Nagai Nagayoshi. Ephedrine can have a curative effect on your lungs (asthma and bronchitis have been treated with the help of this alkaloid during many years), nerves and heart. It can also increase you blood pressure. Thanks to all above mentioned characteristics, ephedrine affects people's metabolism in such a way, that you can easily lose weight without any exhausting training activities, sports and run ragged diets. It simply speeds people's metabolism up and consequently food energy is burned several times quicker than usual. As it has already been said above, ephedrine is used to treat some asthmatic problems. It is so called bronchodilator. Ephedrine lessens swellings and in that way eventually makes it easier for you and helps you to breath. Nevertheless you should not forget about some cautions, which you need to take into consideration, while taking this medicine. First of all this herb has some contra indications, among them you will find such as: pregnancy, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney stones and some other. So be careful and anyway, it is recommended to consult your GP, before starting using ephedrine. If you still have decided not to do that, and start dieting and taking ephedrine by yourself, first of all you should remember not to take more than 2 pills a day, in order to see whether you have an allergy to this medication or not. Later, if you see that everything is all right with your organism, still it is not recommended to consume more than 4 pills a day. And don't forget to make at least a 2-week break after 4 weeks of taking it, as in other case you may have an addiction to it.