Tattoo Facts - Types, Feelings, Social Opinion

Tattoo art is undertaken since the prehistoric times and nowadays it's practiced throughout the world. It's the most popular form of body art and there is a variety of tattoo designs. The process of tattooing is rather simple- the tattoo ink is inserted through the layers of skin and skin pigments changes. Let's discuss the most popular tattoo types, designs and what people think and feel about tattoos nowadays.

Abstraction tattoos are usually done in shades of grey and black. Some Celtic and tribal designs can be called abstract.

Dedication tattoos are not much popular these days but they are always offered at tattoo parlor and were extremely popular in the last century. It may be a heart and name banner. Sailors usually got the anchor with the ship name.

Naturalistic tattoos involve perspective and shading, details and the portrayal. Realistic tattoos are usually more expensive.

Complex tattoos compromise of combination of various tattoos and it make them look really impressive and meaningful.

Simplification tattoos are the most popular and standard as they look great but don't involve detailed and 100% realistic work. T may be a dragon tattoo, animal tattoo or heart tattoo of any size and shape.

Different tattoo types and the parts of procedure require different tattoo guns and any professional tattoo artist should have all necessary, sterile and high quality tattoo equipment and stuff.

Now about popularity of tattoos. In 1936 Life magazine estimated that about 6% of Americans (10 million) had at least one tattoo. The number of tattoo parlors in the United States today is more than 25,000. The term tattoo is among top searches on the Internet and Lycos dropped it to have room for other searches. Tattoo designs searched for most of all are Chinese and Japanese symbols though Russian and Aztec sayings are also frequently searched. People search for back tattoo placement most of all. Neck tattoos, arm tattoos, ankle and wrist tattoos follow. Information about tattoos of Angelina Jolie, Nicole Richie and rockers of Metallica is the most frequently searched. Top searched tattoo designs include tribal, stars, cross, fairies and butterflies.

12% of people who are 40-49, 25% of people from 30-39 age group and 32% of people aged 25-29 have tattoos. About 84% of people who got tattooed don't regret. Those who have regrets say that's because they were too young and failed to make the right choice.

67% of people without tattoos say that tattoo doesn't influence the personality and find tattooing a normal thing. And 32% think that tattooed people are more likely to do something deviant. 53% of people without tattoos find tattooed persons more attractive and sexy and 27% consider people with tattoos less intelligent.

Tattoos are close to piercing and most people who have piercing get tattooed and vice versa. 50% of Americans have ear piercing and 65% of them have tattoos. 20% of tattooed people have at least one body piercing.