Tongue Piercing Advantages

Body piercing is ancient type of body decoration and historical facts and evidences prove that the rich and the royalties of the world were privileged to pierce the body in ancient times. After the hippies brought the fashion of nose piercing and the model Christy Turlington shoed her pieced belly at the fashion show and other celebrities fallowed her example, piercing of the body is the hit again. Among multiple types of piercing there are the most popular in modern times. And tongue piercing is from this group.

Tongue piercing has lots of advantages over other piercing types and it makes it so desirable and popular. Society hasn't fully accepted piercing yet and if you relate with people who are conservative (it may be your relative or your boss), it's better to avoid unnecessary conflicts and choose those piercing types that can be hidden. And tongue piercing is easy to hide. Nobody will even guess you have it if you want. Of course, during first weeks of healing you would have some troubles with your speech, drinking and eating. But after the healing is over your tongue piercing will break you freedom of choice and indescribable feelings. Being a sexual aid, tongue rings will make your sexual life more vivid and surprising (especially for your partner).

Tongue piercing is rather painful and the main trouble with it that you'll have to keep your jaws open for some time and it's going to hurt too. Eating will be the trouble and your tongue will swell. There is special liquid diet for first week of tongue piercing healing and it's quite easy to fallow it if the desire to have healthy and beautiful piercing is strong enough.

You should carefully choose the piercing shop where you would be pierced. Go there beforehand and check is cleanliness of the shop is all right, equipment is good and everything is sterile. Look trough the portfolio of the piercer and make sure he's a professional. You may even look at the way he works for a while and pay special attention if he uses sterile piercing needles and wear sterile gloves. Tongue piercing by non-professional can lead to great problems as it's easy to hit the nerve in the centre of the tongue. The choice of gauge sizes should be discussed with your piercer as well as aftercare recommendations to balance the pain.

During healing tie you should be extremely careful with drinking and later with eating and don't' try to talk for the first few days. Your mouth and tongue should be kept scrupulously clean during healing period. If you smoke, you shouldn't. Several times a day you would have to cleanse the area with sea salt water and special piercing healing and cleaning solution.

The choice of tongue piercing jewelry is huge. All possible materials, designs, styles, gauge sizes and shapes are available. Vibrating tongue ring is of great popularity nowadays. And if you can't resist playing with your jewelry, you'd better choose barbells with soft ends- koosh ball barbells and others.

Enjoy tongue piercing and find new and interesting jewelry for it!