Types of Facial Piercing

Body piercing is a long-long tradition though there were less types of body piercing in ancient times. Facial piercings at that time were most lip and nose piercings. Nowadays people have experimented with new piercing techniques and new facial piercings came into existence. Of course, there are still more common and accepted in this or tat way in society facial piercing types as well as unusual and very rare piercings of face that look really wild and tribal in some way.
Many facial piercings are surface and it means they can be rejected. And it's important to decide if you really want to take such risk with unusual facial piercing or get classical and trusted piercing of the nose or lip. If you decide to experience surface piercing of the face, you should do it only by professional piercer who has already performed such piercing and it was successful.
Let's discuss some facial piercings some of which are rare and some well-known.

Temple piercing- surface piercing with high rejection rate because this area has high tension of the skin.

Forehead piercing- people with looser skin can wear in this area barbells or rings.

Eyebrow piercing- it is less painful of all piercings and takes about 6-8 weeks to heal.

Septum piercing- a pierce of cartilage separating the nose's chambers is pierced.

Nostril piercing- the curve of one nostril is pierced. The most popular jewelry for it includes silver nose pins and studs.

Bridge piercing- (Earl piercing) piercing of bridge of the nose between the eyes. Curved barbell is usually worn.

Cheek piercing- can be surface or done through the face.

Labret (lip) piercing- piercing around or through the lips (Monroe piercing is variation).

Scrumper piercing- the webbing connecting the upper lip to the gums above the two front teeth is pierced. (This type of piercing isn't recommended at all).

Lowbret piercing- the piercing of the labrets below the mouth in the area of the chin.

Mandible piercing- the piercing running below or along the jaw line (surface type).

Tongue piercing sometimes falls into the category of facial piercing. It has also been practiced during ancient times and nowadays piercing of the tongue is popular especially between teens and musicians. Straight tongue barbell is classical jewelry piece and it's available in all imaginable designs and shapes of the end. Tongue piercing takes about a month to heal and it requires oral hygiene, eating border on hellish during at least the first week and other healing routines.

Facial piercing jewelry is available in variety of shapes, materials, designs, gauge sizes and styles in multiple local and online piercing jewelry stores. Facial piercings attract extra-attention to our face and can highlight our best features as well as hide something we want to be unnoticed.