What is a Dimple Piercing

What is a dimple piercing? It is the type of face piercing which is normally done in the center of the cheek. The place where most dimples appear is pierced. So, dimple piercing is also called cheek piercing. It can be done in the area where the dimple would be if a person had it or directly on existing dimple. With dimple piercing people with no dimples can make them appear. A dimple piercing can leave more noticeable and larger scars than the scars of other piercings and it might not completely disappear with time.
So, one should definitely decide if he/she wants to have a dimple piercing. If a person did, the next step is finding reliable and reputable piercer. Don't do a dimple piercing by non-professional. This type of piercing should be done by the piercer who has already large experience with dimple piercing. Piercing procedure may be rather painful because the needle will pass through the thickest part of the face and lots of tissue.
As a rule, a labret is inserted in the piercing and its metal bars are screwed onto each end. Labrets are usually made of surgical steel or titanium to avoid allergic reactions. And it's recommended to wear the labret of larger size in fresh piercing to compensate for any swelling of the cheek.
Two times a day a person with a dimple piercing has to clean it with saline solution until the day the piercing completely heals. It isn't recommended to remove the jewelry during the healing period and it's better to avoid drinking and eating anything that can irritate the piercing. Alcohol and spicy food should be avoided. It takes a dimple piercing from two to four months to heal.
A person who has just had a dimple piercing done will need to clean it with saline solution roughly two times a day until it heals. The jewelry should not be removed during the healing period, and it is usually recommended for a person to avoid eating or drinking any foods that might irritate the piercing. Some things that should be avoided are very spicy foods and alcohol. For most people, dimple piercings heal up completely within two months, but it could take as long as three or four if it becomes infected.